The Original 1953 Coronation Crown

Secure the original 1953 'Five Shillings' Crown – the very first commemorative coin of Her Majesty’s reign

  • The first-ever commemorative of Queen Elizabeth II's reign

  • Struck by the Royal Mint in 1953 to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

  • One of the United Kingdom's most iconic and highly sought-after coins

  • Presented in pristine Brilliant Uncirculated condition – as pristine the day the Royal Mint issued it!

  • Beautifully preserved – It has been richly plated in fine 999 Silver, and accented with 24-carat Gold and Rose Gold

  • Luxury presentation- Free Deluxe Presentation Case with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity

  • Don’t miss your chance to own one of the United Kingdom's most iconic and sought-after coins - the original 1953 Coronation Crown

38.6mm in Diameter
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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has proved to be one of our greatest ever monarchs. Throughout her reign, she has celebrated many majestic milestones. Not only is she our longest-reigning monarch, in 2016 she became our oldest reigning monarch and in 2018 she became the first monarch in British history to celebrate a Sapphire Coronation Jubilee.

The very coin that was issued in 1953 to celebrate her Majesty's Coronation

To celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, a special commemorative crown coin was issued. It was the first-ever commemorative crown to be issued during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, and in the years that have passed since Her Majesty’s coronation, it has become one of the United Kingdom's most iconic and sought-after coins.

What makes it exceptional is that is coin is in uncirculated condition

Now more than 65 years old this coin looks just as glorious today as it did when it was first issued. It has been richly plated in fine 999 Silver, and the reverse has been skilfully accented with 24-carat Gold and Rose Gold, which really brings the motif to life in a striking way.

One of the United Kingdom's most iconic and highly sought-after coin

The obverse portrait was designed by sculptor Gilbert Ledward, and instead of the usual obverse portrait of a monarch, it featured Her Majesty mounted on her horse, Winston, dressed in her uniform as Colonel-in-Chief of the Grenadier Guards, at the Trooping of the Colour ceremony. The image of a monarch on horseback had not been seen since the James I Crown in 1603, which makes this coin and its design highly prized and instantly recognisable amongst collectors.

The reverse design was of a shield with a crown in the centre of an emblematical cross, formed from a thistle, rose, leek and shamrock. In the angles, there are four shields bearing the arms of Scotland, England and Ireland.

Befitting the occasion which it celebrated the words from the dedication that Prince Philip made to the Queen during the Coronation Service: “Faith and truth I bear unto you” are inscribed on the coin’s edge.

This is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the day when our queen was crowned. No one could have known how immensely popular crown collecting would become later in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, and this crown of 1953 was effectively the origin of it all.

Year of Issue |


Denomination |

Crown / Five Shillings

Quality |

Brilliant Uncirculated

Alloy |

Cupronickel layered in 999 Silver and accented in yellow and rose gold.

Diameter |


Issuing Authority |

The Royal Mint, United Kingdom

Obverse |

Queen Elizabeth II on horseback by sculptor Gilbert Ledward

Reverse |

Four shields with the Royal Arms of the countries of the United Kingdom