The King Charles III Coronation Proof £10 Coin in 'supersize' 65mm

Celebrating the Coronation of King Charles III—  a spectacular ten-pound Proof edition coin, measuring an impressive 65mm in diameter, has been struck with a limited edition of just 499 coins worldwide.

  • Limited to just 499 coins worldwide 

  • Issued to celebrate the occasion of His Majesty King Charles III's coronation, the first British Coronation in 70 years

  • Authorised and fully approved by Buckingham Palace

  • Layered In fine Silver 

  • Features the Jody Clark portrait of King Charles III on the obverse; the reverse shows the Sovereign's Orb.

  • Minted in an impressive ‘supersize’ 65mm — almost three times the diameter of a £1 coin!

  • Struck to the highest possible PROOF condition

  • Each coin is uniquely numbered within the edition limit of 499

  • Comes in a bespoke presentation box & Certificate of Authenticity

  • Only available through Heritage Coins, this impressive 65mm coin is a masterpiece of the minters' artform 

Struck to a 'supersize' 65mm Diameter


Available in 2 instalments of £99.00

Comes with our 365-day no-quibble money-back guarantee | This offer is limited to one per UK household

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A new Ten Pound coin for a new King, marking a new chapter in the history of our monarchy

The coronation of King Charles III on May 6, 2023, marked a remarkable chapter in British history. It was a moment when tradition and modernity intertwined, as the coronation unfurled to the world as a breathtaking pageant of heritage and ceremonial magnificence — as much a celebration of His Majesty as an ode to tradition and legacy. These elements are perfectly reflected in the design of the King Charles III Coronation £10 Coin.

A historic royal occasion captured on a stunning 65mm Coin

The stunning King Charles III Coronation £10 Coin boasts an exceptional portrait of His Majesty The King, crafted by esteemed coin designer and artist Jody Clark. Eschewing tradition, King Charles III has chosen to be portrayed without a crown for his coinage, keeping it understated, ‘simple’ and modern. Jody Clark designed the fifth and final portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which appeared on all Her British coinage from 2015 to 2022. The coin’s reverse is a nod to history; it showcases the majestic Sovereign’s Orb, an iconic symbol of our monarchy that has been an essential part of the Coronation Ceremony for centuries. Surrounding the orb are design elements from the gates of Buckingham Palace welcoming our new King. 

An exceptional denomination for an exquisite Coin

Whilst commemorative coins are ordinarily issued to a five-pound or two-pound denomination, the denomination of TEN POUNDS was specifically chosen to match the coin’s impressive diameter.

A masterpiece of minting struck to an impressive 65mm in diameter and highest proof quality

This remarkable coin has been struck to an impeccable Proof finish. Minted in a ‘super-size’ 65mm, the impressively large diameter (almost three times larger than a £1 coin) allows for exquisite detail and clarity that has to be seen to be appreciated. Striking coins at this size to Proof standard is technically demanding as the larger a coin becomes, the more tonnage of pressure is required to impress the design into the coin to achieve a Proof finish. The result is a deeper and clearer relief that showcases the artistry of the design, making The King Charles III Coronation £10 Coin a masterpiece of minting.

As exclusive as it is technically brilliant, the mintage of this coin is a mere 499 worldwide & each edition is uniquely numbered

Approved by Buckingham Palace and the King himself, just 499 coins were struck to mark King Charles III's Coronation. An extremely small number when you consider the historic significance of this milestone in our monarchy. Each coin is uniquely numbered within the edition limit, meaning no two pieces are the same.  A strict application procedure is in place with priority established on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’. The earliest orders will receive the lowest edition numbers.

An exceptional one-of-a-kind coin and this might be your only chance to own one

This is not the first in a collection – it is an exceptional one-off striking released to celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III. Most significantly, each coin is uniquely numbered, with its edition number engraved onto the rim of the coin. This means that no two coins are the same — your coin will be completely unique to you, making it the ultimate collector’s item. Each issue comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and is beautifully presented in a luxury display case. Heritage Coins have reserved the entire mintage for our collectors; order yours today.

The King Charles III Coronation 'supersize' Proof £10 Coin:

Year of Issue



Layered in Pure Silver


Ten Pounds
Issuing Authority

Ascension Island, approved by Buckingham Palace


Proof - the highest possible quality


110 grams


65mm - almost three times the size of a £1 coin


Milled and uniquely numbered


Portrait of His Majesty King Charles III by engraver Jody Clark


Engraving of The Sovereign’s Orb surrounded with detailing inspired by the gates of Buckingham Palace

Edition Limit

499 — each edition is uniquely numbered on the edge within the edition limit

Presentation Delivered in a luxurious black display case with a Certificate of Authenticity