'Ruler Of The Realm' Men's Chronograph

Dragon chronograph features gun metal stainless steel, gold-plating, and a Swarovski® crystal. Engraved with 'Ruler of the Realm'

Dial measures 1.5 inches (4 cm) in diameter. Adjustable strap

S&S: £12.99

Available in 5 instalments of £25.99 Comes with our famous 120-day guarantee
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Enter a mysterious world raging with fire and brimstone, but beware the mighty dragon… Embrace the legend of this fearsome beast with the unique 'Ruler Of The Realm' Men’s Chronograph, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.

Expertly handcrafted of rugged gun metal stainless steel, this magnificent timepiece’s strap is adorned with black PVD accents. The reverse of the watch casing is meticulously engraved with the menacing silhouette of an awesome dragon, alongside the powerful statement: ’Ruler of the Realm’. The face of the watch features the exciting imagery of a fiery red Youngblood dragon itself, clutching a genuine Swarovski® in its vicious claws… Additionally, the face depicts three chronograph dials, each edged in gleaming gold-plating just as the hands are. Gold-plated flames flicker from above each dial, shimmering in the light. Order now!


The exclusive 'Ruler Of The Realm' Men’s Chronograph from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Embrace the legend of the fearsome dragon with this exclusive chronograph, available only from The Bradford Exchange
  • Hand-crafted of gunmetal stainless steel, with black PVD accents (Physical Vapour Deposition – a light coating of metal compound) on the strap
  • Reverse of casing engraved with 'Ruler of the Realm’
  • Watch face depicts fiery red Youngblood dragon imagery, with a genuine Swarovski®
  • Three chronograph dials and hands edged in gold-plating
  • Gold-plated flames above each dial
  • Precision quartz movement
  • Limited to just 4,999 editions worldwide - order yours now!
  • Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity