'Farewell To The Round Pound' - Solid Silver One Pound Coin

Commemorating the demonetisation of Britain's round pound just 2,017 Sterling Silver One Pound Coins were released worldwide featuring imagery of Sir Isaac Newton

  • Struck in 925 Sterling Silver to the highest possible Proof quality

  • Exclusively available from The Bradford Exchange

  • Limited edition round pound commemorative issue

  • First-ever round pound to feature Sir Isaac Newton

  • Low worldwide mintage of just 2,017

  • Individually numbered – no two coins the same

  • The 'Farewell To The Round Pound' Silver Coin is exclusive to The Bradford Exchange – you won't find this coin anywhere else! An informative Certificate of Authenticity is included FREE of charge

Measures 22mm in diameter

S&S: £3.99


Available in 3 instalments of £33.00 Comes with our no-quibble 14-day money-back guarantee
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A unique 'Farewell To The Round Pound' Solid Silver One Pound Coin - minted to mark the retirement of Britain's round pound

On the 16th October 2017, the iconic pound was demonetised and retired from circulation by The Royal Mint after 24 years’ service. First introduced in the UK in 1983 to replace the £1 bank note, the round pound coin proved far more durable that the frequently circulated and easily damaged paper currency. The coin was as popular with the general public as it was with the retailers and banks.

The £1 coin also proved popular amongst criminal counterfeiters. By 2014, it was estimated there were over 45 million fake £1 coins in circulation. As a result, The Royal Mint announced plans to retire the round pound and replace it with a new 12 sided version with security features that would make it difficult to counterfeit.

In total, 261 different types of round £1 coin were issued – featuring designs in different metals and finishes. None featured a person. Until now. To mark the moment in time when one of the nation’s most popular coins is set to vanish forever, a limited edition striking of a last ever round pound in silver will take place in October. Crucially, they will depict a person important to British heritage – Sir Isaac Newton, himself a former Master of the Royal Mint. During his tenure, Newton oversaw and introduced a series of innovations to improve quality, production efficiency and security. Astonishingly, Newton has never been commemorated on a £1 coin – an oversight for such a figure. In the year that marks the 375th anniversary of the birth of this great man, and on the eve of the final farewell to the round pound, this historical wrong will at last be put right.

You can now own a unique tribute to this momentous coin occasion – a prestigious 22mm Proof coin in 925 Sterling silver, limited to just 2,017 editions. It showcases an effigy of Sir Isaac Newton on the reverse and a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Each coin is individually numbered.

Applications will be approved in strict order of receipt. If your application is successful you will be notified. Offer is limited to one per household. Comes with the Bradford Exchange 14-day money-back guarantee. 

The 'Farewell To The Round Pound' - Solid Silver One Pound Coin

Year of Issue



925 Sterling silver




 10 grams


One Pound

Mintage limit

2,017 – individually numbered

Issuing authority

Tristan da Cunha


Proof – highest possible quality


Effigy of Sir Isaac Newton


Effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II