The Queen’s Sapphire Coronation Jubilee £5 Coin

Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of Her Majesty’s Coronation in 2018 a brand-new £5 commemorative coin has been issued:

  • Yours for its face value – that’s a £5 coin for just £5! 

  • Design officially approved by Buckingham Palace

  • The design beautifully echoes the majesty and splendour of the coronation service, 65 years ago

  • Layered in fine 999 Silver

  • Each coin is struck to PROOF condition — the ultimate collectors' edition

  • Exclusively available from The Bradford Exchange – you won't find this coin anywhere else!

  • The world-first significance of the Sapphire Coronation Jubilee means we expect high demand

  • Low worldwide mintage – just 70,000 coins issued worldwide

Diameter 38.6mm
£5.00 First Issue

S&S: £3.99

£5 for the first coin in the set, with the opportunity to collect as many of the remaining five coins as you wish, with no obligation, for just £29.95 each
Comes with 14-day approval and money-back guarantee
Product Number:

Minted to mark the rarest Royal anniversary ever!

In 2018, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the first ever British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Coronation Jubilee. To mark this momentous occasion – 65 years since Her Majesty was crowned, a brand-new Sapphire Coronation Jubilee £5 Coin has been issued.

Officially approved by Buckingham Palace the design of this five-pound commemorative coin draws its inspiration from that momentous day sixty-five years ago when our queen was crowned. Layered in pure 999 silver the background motif is inspired by the Rose Window of Westminster Abbey. Depicted in the foreground are the Orb and Sceptre – which the Queen was presented with during her Coronation Ceremony.

An everlasting and fitting tribute to the Queen's 65th Coronation Anniversary
The Sapphire Coronation Jubilee £5 Coin has been struck to crown size (38.6mm), the traditional size reserved for Royal commemoratives and in a PROOF finish. This is the highest quality possible, coveted most by collectors, each coin is struck not once, but twice onto a specially prepared mirrored surface. Every detail of the artist's design stands out with remarkable clarity due to the care and attention of craftsmen in producing the master tools.

Exclusive to The Bradford Exchange – Risk-Free £5 for £5!
Just 70,000 coins are being minted worldwide a very low number for such an important commemoration. This £5 coin is available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, which means you won't find it, or this offer, anywhere else. This coin is just the first in the definitive Sapphire Coronation Anniversary Collection a set of six coins depicting the Royal Regalia in all their splendour. Together these coins tell the story of the Coronation Ceremony – a tradition that has remained unchanged for centuries. With each coin depicting the Crown Jewels, this collection reminds us of the long-standing traditions that bring continuity to our royal family. The good news is that when you order this first coin for just £5 (plus £3.99 S&S) you will automatically be guaranteed access to the five remaining coins in the set. Fully-layered in fine Silver and pure 24-carat Gold, each subsequent coin may be yours for just £29.95 + S&S, allowing you to complete the set easily and affordably. You are under no obligation to purchase further items and all orders are covered by Bradford Exchange's 14-day money back guarantee. This offer is limited to one per UK household.

The official Collectors' Presentation Folder - Yours Free with your Order
Together with the Sapphire Coronation Jubilee Coin, you will receive the official Coronation Anniversary Collectors' Folder. This beautifully illustrated pack provides a protective and timeless home for your coin. It details the rich history of the Coronation Service and the role that the Royal Regalia play. Accompanying your folder is the Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing your coin's specifications and provenance. Both are yours COMPLETELY FREE with our compliments, with your order.

Don't miss out: The Sapphire Coronation Jubilee £5 Coin is available exclusively through The Bradford Exchange, which means you cannot purchase it anywhere else. The world-first significance of the Sapphire Coronation Jubilee means we expect high demand. Order today!

The exclusive Queen's Sapphire Coronation Jubilee Coin:

  • Exquisitely layered in fine 999 silver Low worldwide mintage of 70,000 – an extremely low issue limit for such an important national commemoration

  • Minted in collectors' Proof condition – the highest quality possible

  • Struck to crown size (38.6mm), following the traditional size reserved for all Royal commemorative issues

  • A Certificate of Authenticity and informative presentation case are included FREE with your order

  • The Queen's Sapphire Coronation Jubilee Coin is exclusive to The Bradford Exchange – which means you won't find it, or this offer, anywhere else

Why do we offer a saving on the first coin in a set?

  • We believe this is the best way to introduce you to a collection and trust that this first coin will assure you of the quality of craftsmanship and convince you that this is a collection not to be missed

  • By purchasing the first coin in this set you will be guaranteed access to the remaining five coins in the Sapphire Coronation Jubilee Collection – a series of silver and gold layered coins celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.

  • You can relax knowing that you will be able to complete your set, should you choose to do so. You're not at risk of an increase in the price on the remaining coins in your set, nor will you miss out on a coin due to a mint sell-out

  • Each coin will be sent to you to view entirely on approval and without obligation, at approximately 3-4 weekly intervals

  • For your convenience you do not need to order each coin separately – simply pay for the coins you chose to keep as and when you receive them, using the credit or debit card with which your order was placed

  • You are under no obligation to purchase any of the remaining five coins in the set, and you may cancel your coin collection at any time

  • All orders are covered by Bradford Exchange's 14-day approval and money-back  guarantee

Our Collector Guarantee

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