The Armistice Centenary 'Ode Of Remembrance' Uniquely Numbered Coin

A poignant tribute to the heroism of those who served during the First World War issued to mark 100 years since the end of the conflict and the centenary of Armistice 

  • Uniquely numbered edition - the earliest orders will receive the lowest numbered coins 

  • Layered in pure Silver

  • Minted in collectors' Proof condition – the highest quality possible

  • Features a fallen soldier in the arms of a winged Victory, in Flanders' Fields

  • Edition Limit: just 9,999 coins issued worldwide

  • Crown denomination – in keeping with the tradition of commemorative coin issues

  • An informative Certificate of Authenticity and Presentation Folder are included FREE with your order

  • Exclusive to The Bradford Exchange 

Crown Size: 38.6mm in diameter
£9.95 First Issue

S&S: £2.99

Comes with 14-day approval and money-back guarantee
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In remembrance of the millions who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow throughout the First World War 

Flanders Fields is possibly the most appalling place to be during The Great War. Despite the devastation all around him, a young Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote his now-famous poem 'In Flanders Fields', having been moved by the profusion of wild red poppies emerging amongst the graves of the fallen. He would not live to see his red poppy become our national symbol of remembrance.  To mark 100 years since the end of The Great War, a new limited-edition coin has been issued. McCrae's poem inspires the poignant '2018 Ode Of Remembrance' Coin; the striking design depicts a fallen soldier in the arms of the winged figure of Victory, in Flanders' Fields.

Layered in pure Silver and struck in stunning high relief

Beautifully crafted the coin’s design evokes the neoclassic style, as seen on the medallic art of the war era, in particular, that of the Victory medal that was awarded to everyone who ventured into the theatre of battle between 1914-1918.  Now, 100 years after the end of the First World War, this new coin shows a solemn representation of Victory as she reflects on the inscription from Binyon's 'Ode Of Remembrance – they shall grow not old'.   The design is the work of renowned coin artist Joel Iskovitz - in his own words, ‘The underlying theme is “Remembrance,” featuring a vision of a compassionate, and at times, a mournful Victory, underscoring the enormous costs of the Great War.’

Strictly limited availability & Uniquely Numbered

Due to the intricacies involved in this minting process, the official Lest We Forget ‘Ode of Remembrance’ Coin is subject to a strict limitation of just 9,999 coins worldwide – an exceptionally small mintage for an official commemorative issue. Most significantly of all, each coin is uniquely numbered within the mintage meaning no two coins are the same – the ultimate collectors’ edition. A strict application procedure is therefore in place with priority established on a ‘first come first served basis’. The earliest orders will receive the lowest edition numbers.

A poignant tribute to the heroism of those who served 100 years ago

Struck to the highest possible PROOF finish, and layered in pure Silver, the '2018 Ode Of Remembrance' Coin has been beautifully sculpted and struck in the most technically demanding high-relief – allowing every detail of the exquisite design to show through.

Own the coin today for just £9.95 as part of 'The Ode Of Remembrance' Coin 

'The Ode Of Remembrance' Coin is the first in a set of six silver-layered crowns commemorating the centenary of the First World War. The good news is that you can order this first coin for just £9.95 (plus £2.99 S&H), saving you £20.  In addition, you will automatically be guaranteed access to the five remaining coins in the set. Fully-layered in pure Silver, each coin may be yours for just £29.95 + S&H, allowing you to complete the set easily and affordably. You are under no obligation to purchase further items and all orders are covered by Bradford Exchange's 14-day money back guarantee. This offer is limited to one per UK household.

Each coin comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and is presented in an informative presentation case – completely FREE

Limited to just 9,999 worldwide, each coin is uniquely numbered – the ultimate collectors' edition. Order now!  

Orders will be handled in strict order of receipt and the first orders will receive the lowest numbered coins.

The exclusive 'Ode Of Remembrance' Coin from The Bradford Exchange features:


They Shall Grow Not Old - Uniquely Numbered Coin

Year of issue: 



Layered in pure Silver


Proof – the highest possible quality


One Crown

Issuing authority: 

Tristan da Cunha


The Angel of Victory holds a fallen soldier in Flanders Fields


Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II






Milled and uniquely numbered

Issuing limit: 


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  • You are under no obligation to purchase any of the remaining five coins in the set, and you may cancel your coin collection at any time

  • All orders are covered by Bradford Exchange's 14-day approval and money-back guarantee