'Moonlit Passage' Wolf Sculpture

A unique wolf-inspired sculpture. with clear acrylic panels forming a bevelled tower showcasing full-colour wolf art, lit from within at the flip of a switch. Handpainted wolf sculpture topper

  • Exclusively available from The Bradford Exchange — you won't find this edition anywhere else!

  • It lights up! Clear acrylic panels rise majestically upward to form a sleek, bevelled tower adorned with Agnew's wolf vistas

  • A hand-cast lifelike sculpture of howling wolves on an icy ledge crowns this dramatic work of art, softly illuminated by the multi-coloured lights from below

  • Deeply bevelled bases support and crown the tower

Measures approx. 16 inches (40 cm) in height

S&S: £6.99

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A unique wolf-inspired illuminated Al Agnew art sculpture, exclusive to The Bradford Exchange – Take a moonlit passage into the heart of the wild with this dramatic collectable wolf art sculpture! The shining mystery of acclaimed artist Al Agnew's wolf vistas comes to life, showcased on clear acrylic panels that rise majestically upward to form a sleek, bevelled tower. Flip a switch and watch as shimmering light sets Agnew's wondrous imagery aglow.

Deeply bevelled bases support and crown the tower, topped by a handcrafted lifelike sculpture of howling wolves. The icy ledge upon which they stand shimmers with light from below. Now, just imagine the drama and mystery this sleek, impressively sized work of art and sculpture will bring into your home – but don't wait! Strong demand is expected for this powerful Bradford Exchange exclusive edition. Order now!