The Penny Black Stamp & Coin Set

Celebrating the bicentenary of Queen Victoria The Penny Black Stamp and Coin Set

  • The original Penny Black stamp and set of three coins of the type used to buy the Penny Black

  • Your chance to own superb heritage items from the height of the British Empire

  • A unique reminder for us, and younger generations, about the coinage and history of the Victorian era

  • The set comes presented in a bespoke presentation case with each coin individually encapsulated to protect and preserve it for future generations to admire and enjoy . 

  • Included with your set is an informative Booklet and Certificate of Authenticity

  • The stamp & coins in this set are all guaranteed original issues  —  they will form the cornerstone of any collection and be an incomparable family heirloom to pass on to children or grandchildren.  

Dwindling supplies of rare stamps, such as the Penny Black, are under pressure from collectors worldwide — add this glorious icon of Victorian Britain to your collection today

Available in 4 instalments of £118.75 Comes with our 365-day no-quibble money-back guarantee
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The Penny Black Stamp & Coin Set - a rare chance to own the world’s most famous stamp and the coins used to buy it.


To celebrate the majestic milestone of Queen Victoria’s bicentenary, in 2019, The Bradford Exchange have brought together original historic artefacts of Queen Victoria’s era in one prestige set.


The Original 1840 Penny Black Stamp

If there was one item from Queen Victoria’s reign that perfectly embodied the progress and significance of the wonderful era of innovation during the 19th century, it would be the original 1840 Penny Black Stamp. Great Britain’s Penny Black was the world’s first postage stamp, it literally revolutionised the way we communicate. Not only was the stamp a world first, it had profound implications because it meant for the first time in history sending communications from one part of the country to another that was available to all, rich and poor, at a price everyone could afford one penny.


Technically and aesthetically, the original Penny Black is a masterpiece, that every collector dreams of owning.

As amazing as it may seem, the Penny Black was withdrawn after only 12 months after it was first issued. As only a limited number of original stamps exist, only a select group of collectors may ever own this philatelic antique. Now you could be one of the lucky ones with the Bradford Exchange Penny Black Stamp and Coin Set. The stamp included in the set is a guaranteed original issue from 1840.


Hold a piece of history in your hands

To celebrate Queen Victoria’s bicentenary, The Bradford Exchange has combined the original 1840 Penny Black Stamp with the coins of the era that add up to one penny. The first coin is the George III halfpenny the coin that was in circulation when Victoria was born and the type that would have been used to buy the Penny Black. George III was Queen Victoria’s grandfather and the halfpenny in the set is the final portrait of his reign a certified historic original coin over 200 years old. The two beautiful bronze farthings of Queen Victoria in the Penny Black Stamp and Coin Set present an opportunity to own two portraits of the queen’s reign. The first issued 1860 - 1895 depicts a young queen and the other depicts the Veiled Head effigy (last of her reign). Both feature Britannia on the reverse – just like the halfpenny of George III.

These coins are now becoming increasingly difficult to find

Due to the scarcity of these original coins and the 1840 Penny Black Stamp less than 50 of these sets are available today for our collectors. This set is available exclusively through The Bradford Exchange. Also included with your set is an informative Certificate of Authenticity, which not only guarantees the authenticity of your Penny Black Stamp and coins but also provides a fascinating insight into their history.


A real piece of history that every collector should own

Historically the Penny Black Stamp is the world’s most important stamp and is treasured by collectors the world over. The opportunity to own an original Penny Black stamp and coins of the era is one should not be missed. Order your set today!