The Prince Philip Birth Year British Coin Set

The Prince Philip Birth Year British Coin Set — the complete set of eight rare British circulating coins from 1921, the birth year of Prince Philip — including five .500 Silver coins and three Bronze coins.

  • All coins are heritage items painstakingly sourced by our experts and chosen for their excellent condition.

  • All the coins are now long-lost in time, none of them have been produced for over 100 years!

  • Featuring the famous MacKennal effigy of King George V and the magnificent original Royal Mint heraldic coin designs now sadly lost from our coinage.

  • All coins dated 1921 — set includes the Silver Half Crown, Silver Florin, Silver Shilling, Silver Sixpence, Silver Threepence Bronze Farthing, Bronze Halfpenny, Bronze Penny

  • Set includes a Presentation Box (box may vary from that shown) and Certificate of Authenticity.

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A Complete Set of Rare British Circulation Coins Minted a Century Ago in 1921

When a minor European princeling was born on a small Greek island in 1921 to a family soon to be exiled there was no fanfare … no hasty striking of commemorative coins and medals. Who could have foreseen that this baby would marry a princess who would go on to become the longest-reigning sovereign in the world? Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, for his part, was destined to become the longest living, longest-serving and most influential consort in British royal history.

Scarce coins brought to you by our experts

There is no existing heritage coin collection minted to commemorate the year of Prince Philip’s birth. This set of eight original coins from 1921 is the only ‘commemoration’ in fine quality circulation coinage you are ever likely to find. With each passing year, these coins are becoming scarcer and more difficult to source. The Bradford Exchange is proud to announce that our coin experts have accumulated enough to make a small number of Prince Philip Birth Year Coin Sets available to our preferential clients on a first-come, first-served basis.

A unique reminder of bygone times

This is the coinage minted during the reign of the Queen’s grandfather, King George V. From the humble farthing, the halfpenny, penny, threepence and sixpence to the shilling, florin and half-crown, these coins belong to a bygone era when money still had ‘the look’ and ‘the feel’ of money. The silver coins contained real silver and our money had nicknames such as ‘bob’, ‘tanner’ and ‘joey’. Now you can own the complete set of eight circulation coins which celebrate and commemorate the auspicious 1921 birth of the baby who went on to become HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh … and much missed ‘grandfather of our nation’.

Your Coin Set includes

Your coin set will be presented in a bespoke wooden Presentation Box with each coin individually encapsulated to protect and preserve it for future generations. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity and a booklet with fascinating information on the coins and the life of Prince Philip.

The availability of complete year sets – especially of this age – is diminishing year on year. With an increasing interest in old coins, the finite supply means this kind of collection will one day soon be beyond the reach of most people. So please order as soon as possible as we have only a limited number of sets available. 

† Box may vary from that shown 

The eight coins in the 1921 British coin set:

Coin Year of Issue  Alloy  Diameter   Weight  Reverse Design
Half-Crown 1921 .925 Sterling Silver 32mm 14.14 g Royal shield of arms surrounded by the motto ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’ (evil to him who evil thinks)


1921 .925 Sterling Silver 28.5mm 11.31g Crowned cruciform shields, sceptres in angles, divided date below


1921 .925 Sterling Silver 24mm 5.65 g British Lion Statant Guardant


.925 Sterling Silver

19mm 2.83 g  British Lion Statant Guardant


1921 .925 Sterling Silver 16mm 1.41 g Large central 3 with a crown above, surrounded by a wreath 
Penny 1921 Bronze 30.5 mm 9.4 g The Seated figure of Britannia
Half Penny 1921 Bronze 25.4mm 5.7 g  The Seated figure of Britannia
Farthing 1921 Bronze 20.3mm 2.83 g The Seated figure of Britannia