Honouring The Life And Legacy Of HM Queen Elizabeth II

Honouring the Life and Legacy of
Queen Elizabeth II
1926 - 2022

The Bradford Exchange joins the world in mourning the loss of the longest reigning British monarch, HM Queen Elizabeth II. Her devout service to her subjects in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth as well as to so many others around the globe ensures that her indelible contribution to world history will live on forever. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family and the millions who loved her.

Her Majesty has always held a special place in our hearts. Through the years, we have Honoured her and other members of the Royal Family in our own special way and have given our customers an opportunity to do the same. We will continue to do so in the future, remembering the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II with artistic grace and respect.

The Bradford Exchange has contributed £50,000
to the Royal Foundation to honour
the Queen's memory.

The Royal Foundation is the charity administered by the Prince and Princess of Wales that has focused its philanthropic efforts on conservation, children's early years, the elderly, mental health and emergencies.

The Bradford Exchange Unveils Historic Rolls Royce in Queen's Honour

1957 Rolls Royce commissioned for the Queen Mother

In the late 1970s, our company founder Rod MacArthur purchased a '57 Rolls Royce that was commissioned for the Queen Mother (the late King George VI's wife, and the mother of Queen Elizabeth II) and used first during the International Royal Tour in 1957. In subsequent years, it was used by the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom.

We rolled it out of storage soon after the announcement of the Queen's passing was issued by Royal Communications. It was quite a treat for our owner-employees and it gave us all an opportunity to remember Her Majesty in a very special way.

Front of Rolls Royce with wreath of white lilies and Lilies of the Valley

"We are deeply saddened over the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. And our hearts go out to the Royal Family, the people of the UK and those who mourn her all over the world. In our own small way, we wanted to pay tribute to this magnificent lady. Owning a piece of royal history, we displayed the Rolls Royce and laid within a wreath of white lilies and Lilies of the Valley – Elizabeth’s favourite flower – to Honour her life and legacy."

Bernard Frazer,
President of The Bradford Exchange Worldwide
Commemorative Tributes To
HM Queen Elizabeth II