The VE Day 75th Anniversary £5 Coin

Issued to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day this world-first £5 coin commemorates the Allied Victory in Europe and pays tribute to the Second World War generation who served at home and overseas

  • £5 for just Five Pounds

  • The first-ever £5 Coin to feature a typographic design 

  • Presents the iconic portrait of Sir Winston Churchill in his own words - look closely and you will see the image is made up out of the words from his victory day speech in the style of his handwriting

  • New £5 Coin issued to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day 

  • Highest Quality Proof Finish

  • Limited Mintage - just 49,999 £5 coins will be released

  • Layered in Pure Silver

  • Exclusively available through The Bradford Exchange

Orders are limited to one coin per UK household

Measures 38.6mm in diameter

S&S: £3.99

Comes with the opportunity to collect as many of the remaining five coins as you wish, with no obligation or commitment, for just £39.95 + £3.99 delivery each. See "About the Collection" below.
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Churchill £5 Coin marks 75 years since VE Day

75 Years ago, on May 8, 1945, Churchill addressed the nation, “God bless you all. This is your victory! It is the victory of the cause of freedom in every land. In all our long history we have never seen a greater day than this”. The long-awaited day of peace had come, and the years of hostility in Europe ended. To mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day in 2020, a new £5 coin has been issued — the VE Day 75th Anniversary £5 coin.

It is said that during the dark days of the Second World War Churchill “took the English language and sent it into battle.” 

Implementing an ingenious minting technique, the design of the new £5 coin features a portrait of Winston Churchill with his iconic V for Victory sign made entirely from the words of his speech as he addressed the nation on VE Day. At the coin's perimeter is the dial of Big Ben and the V and the E of the VE75 insignia point to one minute past midnight, the time that the ceasefire officially came into effect, at the same time the bells of Big Ben rang out to the gathering crowds to signal the war was finally over. 

World-first Typographic £5 Coin Presents Churchill in His Own Words: This is your Victory

Over this May bank holiday weekend, as we remember the heroes of the Second World War, Winston Churchill’s victory speech will once again resound across the country just as it did 75 years ago. It is scheduled to be rebroadcast in public spaces as part of the VE Day 75th anniversary commemorations. The new £5 Coin issued to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day fittingly depicts Churchill in his own words, taken from that victory speech.

Highest Quality Proof Finish and Layered in Pure Silver

Struck to the highest possible quality Proof finish and layered in pure silver, just 49,999 coins are being released worldwide.  Importantly when you order the VE Day 75th Anniversary £5 Coin, you will be guaranteed access to these remaining five commemoratives in the Words that Won the War Coin Set for just £39.95 (+£3.99 S&S) each. Each coin will be delivered to you at approximately 2-4 weekly intervals, entirely on approval and without any obligation – simply choose which, if any, you wish to keep. And you are fully protected by the Bradford Exchange 365-day money-back guarantee.

Receive the Collectors' Presentation Folder with Your Order - FREE

This year, on May 8, a special programme of events will take place across the United Kingdom to commemorate Allied Victory in Europe and pay tribute to the Second World War generation who served at home and overseas. This year’s anniversary is a poignant and possibly final opportunity for the nation to give thanks to all those who contributed to a defining moment in history. Order your VE Day 75th Anniversary Coin today. Together with your coin, you will also receive the official Collectors’ Presentation Pack. This informative folder stores and displays your coin safely and elegantly.

The VE Day 75th Anniversary £5 Coin 

Year of Issue 2020
Alloy Fully layered in pure Silver
Quality Proof – the highest possible quality
Weight 25 grams
Diameter 38.60 mm
Edge Milled
Obverse Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Reverse The words of Churchill's VE Day speech to the nation make up the iconic image of Sir Winston Churchill displaying his famous ‘V for Victory’ sign
Denomination Five Pounds
Issuing Authority Alderney, approved by Buckingham Palace
Edition Limit 49,999

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