The World's First Wedgwood Jasperware Legal Tender £5 Coin

Introducing the world's first legal tender Jasperware ceramic coin, limited to just 449 editions and handmade by Wedgwood:

  • This is the first-ever Wedgwood coin struck with Jasperware. It features the Three Graces design on the reverse and a regal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse

  • The first-of-its-kind, this elegant neoclassical-inspired coin is made exclusively by Wedgwood from one of the most prized and collectable ceramics in the world, Jasperware

  • Each coin has been made entirely by hand at the Wedgwood factory and features the Wedgwood England mint-mark

  • This World-First Wedgwood Coin bears the denomination £5 – the traditional denomination for commemorative issues

  • Exclusively available from The Bradford Exchange – you won't find this coin anywhere else!

  • Just 449 of this special edition legal-tender Jasperware coin were produced from the worldwide mintage of 3,000

Diameter 65mm

S&S: £3.99

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Introducing the world's first legal tender Jasperware ceramic coin, limited to just 449 editions and handmade by Wedgwood

From Royalty to Presidents, Wedgwood pieces have graced the most illustrious homes throughout the world. Imagine owning a first-edition Wedgwood piece! Today, The Bradford Exchange is proud to present the world’s first Wedgwood Coin, crafted in iconic Jasperware, it is an exquisitely English heirloom piece, that deserves a place in every discerning collector’s home.

Combining centuries of tradition with technical innovation in a first-of-its-kind!

Encompassing the pioneering spirit of Wedgwood, this world-first coin continues the evolution of a truly English ceramic story of endeavour and excellence. Jasperware was arguably Wedgwood's most significant contribution to ceramic art and one of the most important innovations in ceramic history since the Chinese invention of porcelain nearly one thousand years earlier. The epitome of elegance and simplicity, the distinctive, classically inspired white bas-relief applied on top of a matte blue base, has become the most widely collected of all Wedgwood products. Nearly 250 years after it was invented, Jasperware now debuts, for the first time ever, on the world coin stage – in this first of its kind Jasperware legal tender coin.

Limited worldwide release of just 449!

The Jasperware £5 legal tender coin is entirely handmade at Wedgwood's factory in Staffordshire. Both the coin blank and the Three Graces cameo are each handmade in a highly skilled, time-consuming process only after which the cameo can be applied to make the finished coin. The white enamel Greek Key and Denomination for this 'special edition' issue are then applied, again by hand, to complete the coin. Technically demanding and hugely time-consuming, the special edition has been necessarily restricted to just 449 coins from the overall mintage of 3,000. And they are available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.

Classic Wedgwood craftsmanship captured in a coin - depicts the iconic three graces

The design chosen for the world-first Wedgwood coin is inspired by the signature Wedgwood reliefs of The Three Graces, based on the classical myth of the three charities, which have appeared in several forms on Josiah Wedgwood’s cameos since about 1777. The three mythological charities are said to be the daughters of Zeus, representing youth, mirth and elegance. In 1817 Royal Mint engraver William Wyon created a coin design for a competition to launch new crown coinage. His version depicts the three female figures, representing England, Scotland and Ireland, identified by the harp, St. George shield and thistle at their feet. Sadly Wyon's design was never adopted. Now more than 200 years later the world's first Jasperware coin features an ornamental bas-relief based on Wyon's The Three Graces crafted in exquisite detail. Set against a pastel blue Jasperware base, the three female figures are bordered by geometrical shapes in a tribute to Greek neoclassical art. Also included on the reverse is an inscription of the coin’s monetary denomination FIVE POUNDS.

Presented in a bespoke Wedgwood presentation box with a uniquely numbered Certificate – yours FREE with your order

Being handmade, each Jasperware £5 coin is completely unique – the ultimate collectors' item – a fact attested to by the uniquely numbered certificate which accompanies each issue. Completing the presentation, each coin is presented in the official Wedgwood luxury display box.

Don't miss out: The Jasperware Legal Tender £5 Coin is available exclusively through The Bradford Exchange, which means you cannot purchase it anywhere else. The world-first significance of this first-of-its-kind means we expect high demand. Order today!

The World's First Wedgwood Jasperware Legal Tender £5 Coin

Year of issue: 2018
Material: Iconic Blue Jasperware
Denomination: Five Pounds
Weight: 38 grams
Diameter: 65 mm
Manufacturer: Made in the UK by Wedgwood under licence from The Commonwealth Mint
Mintage 449
Significance: The world's first legal-tender coin made by Wedgwood