The RMS Titanic 1912 British Year Set

A complete set of British coins from 1912 including the rare Heaton "H" Penny

  • All the coins are now long-lost in time, none of have been produced for over 100 years! Secure yours set before these hard-to-find coins are gone forever.

  • The complete set of nine British circulating coins dated 1912. Six of the coins in this set are notable for being ‘last of their kind’ issues. They were the very last coins of their denomination to be struck in Sterling silver for circulation.

  • Includes the rare ‘H Penny’ - an example of Britain’s most illustrious circulating coin that was not struck at the Royal Mint.

  • The set comes presented in a bespoke presentation case with each coin individually encapsulated to protect and preserve it for future generations to admire and enjoy.

  • Included with your set is an informative Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Limited edition — less than 50 sets available to our collectors.

  • A set to be treasured as a reminder of this famous ship’s legacy.

Measurements vary - please see specifications

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A rare chance to own the complete set of coins from one of the most notable dates in history

On the fateful day of April 10, 1912, the largest and most luxurious ocean liner ever built left Southampton for New York - no one suspected as she set off from Southampton to New York the tragedy that would come to pass.

Accompanied by beautiful sunny days and light breezes Titanic was shown off in her entire splendour in her first three days at sea. However, four days into her voyage on a calm but moonless night at 11:40 p.m. 14th April, 1912, she struck a massive iceberg, ripping through her hull. Just 37 seconds was the time it took between lookout Frederick Fleet’s cry to the bridge and the mighty Titanic’s fatal collision. In less than three short hours, the Titanic, deemed unsinkable, had slipped into the cold, dark waters of the North Atlantic and disappeared beneath the silent waves forever.

Own the coins of the era and ensure the legacy of the Titanic endures

The tales of tragedy, bravery, and survival have fascinated the world from the time of the Titanic’s sinking to today. Owning the coins of the era, is an affordable way to have an insight into the lives of the passengers of the ill-fated passenger liner.

It was coins of this type that would have been used to buy the tickets, to pay the crew, and even for the passengers to send a wireless telegram (12 shillings and sixpence for the first 10 words, and 9 pence per word thereafter). These are quite literally the coins which would have been used by the passengers.

This set includes the five silver coins (half crown, florin, shilling, sixpence, and threepence) and the three bronze coins (penny, half penny, and farthing). In addition, the rare Heaton "H" Penny is also included in this set. This was one of Britain’s most illustrious circulating coins that was not struck at the Royal Mint.

Hold a piece of history in your hands

These are authentic artefacts of the era, and this set forms a tangible and lasting connection with those who travelled on the Titanic. The coins come displayed in a deluxe presentation case and accompanied by an informative booklet and Certificate of Authenticity.

Order today, this is an unmissable opportunity to own a piece of 20th Century History

The nine coins in the RMS Titanic 1912 British year set:

Coin Year of Issue Alloy Diameter Weight Reverse Design
Half Crown 1912 .925 Sterling SIlver 33mm 14.1g Crowned shield of the Royal Arms, scalloped and cusped surrounded by the collar of the Order of the Garter
Florin 1912 .925 Sterling SIlver 28.5mm 11.31g Four crowned shields of the quarters of the Royal Arms arranged in a cruciform pattern
One Shilling 1912 .925 Sterling SIlver 24mm 5.65g The Royal Crest, a lion passant guardant, standing upon a crown
Sixpence 1912 .925 Sterling Silver 19mm 3.00g The Royal Crest, a lion passant guardant, standing upon a crown
Threepence 1912 .925 Sterling Silver 16mm 1.41g A Crowned numeral "3" with wreath around
Penny 1912 Bronze 30.5mm 9.40g Britannia seated holding trident, shield to her side
Heaton Penny 1912 Bronze 30.5mm 9.40g Britannia seated holding trident, shield to her side; small letter "H" by the year
Halfpenny 1912 Bronze 25.4mm 5.70g Britannia seated holding trident, shield to her side
Farthing 1912 Bronze 20.3mm 2.80g Britannia seated holding trident, shield to her side