The US Mint Moon Landing Proof Coin Set 1969 - 2019

The definitive US Mint Moonlanding Proof Coin Set 1969-2019 - celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing in 2019

  • A stunning set of seven coins - each one in pristine proof condition are brought together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 2019

  • The complete set of five 1969 USA Mint proof coins - the coins that were issued in the same year that Apollo 11 landed on the Moon  sealed in their original US Mint casingincludes:

    • The 1969-S Kennedy Half Dollar

    • The 1969 Lincoln Cent

    • The 1969 Jefferson Nickel

    • The 1969-S Roosevelt Dime

    • The 1969-S Washington Quarter

  • The original 1971 Eisenhower Moon Landing Silver Dollar in Proof condition

  • The 2019 US Mint Moon Landing Proof Silver Dollar

  • The ultimate tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Moon landing  - this set is exclusive to the Bradford Exchange

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The US Mint Moonlanding Proof Coin Set 1969 - 2019 - a unique set of the finest proof coins 1969- 2019 issued by the US mint that celebrated the moon landing then, and now, 50 years later

Fifty years ago, on 20 July 1969,  the world was transfixed as one of the most unique events in the history of mankind unfolded. It was an event that changed our perceptions of the world forever. It heralded a new dawn and opened up a world of possibilities of lunar bases, manned missions to Mars, and more. It remains mankind’s most outstanding engineering achievement.

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo11 Moon landing, the US Mint issued a unique Silver Dollar in 2019 - the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative - with its curved design this striking coin has caused a collecting sensation. It is available today presented together with the original coins of 1969 as one unique prestige coin set, exclusively available from The Bradford Exchange.

The 1969 Proof year Set - including the 1969-S Kennedy Half Dollar

The 1969 Proof Set consists of five coins minted in the year of the moon landing: the Lincoln Cent, Jefferson Nickel, Roosevelt Dime, Washington Quarter, and Kennedy Half Dollar. All coins were produced at the San Francisco Mint and carried the “S” mint mark. 

The original 1960’s Kennedy half-dollar is one of those coins that every collector should have in their collection. It pays tribute to one of the truly great leaders of the 20th century. Kennedy was, at the time, the youngest man ever to be elected president - and, alas, the youngest to die on his assassination on November 22, 1963 - aged just 46. The US and world’s grief was such that Congress and the US Mint rushed through a design change on the half dollar denomination in commemoration. On May 25, 1961, amid a fierce space race with the Soviet Union, Kennedy famously pledged to Congress to put a man on the moon by the end of that decade. The following year on September 12, 1962, he repeated the promise, his “We choose to go to the Moon” speech would become one of the defining moments of his abbreviated presidency. Sadly he never lived to see his dream realised seven years later.

1969 saw the end of an era of precious metal in U.S. coinage for circulation and the 1969 Kennedy Half Dollar was the last coin to be placed into circulation that contained any precious metal.

The 1971 Moon Landing Proof Silver Dollar

In 1969 the United States wanted to honour the moon landing on a coin. The US Treasury Department decided to revive the dollar coin a denomination that had not been minted since 1935. In the same year, Dwight D. Eisenhower, the distinguished five-star general and retired president, passed away. Interestingly it was President Eisenhower who had authorised the creation of NASA in 1958, because of this involvement with NASA it was entirely fitting that he was honoured on the obverse of the coin.

As the first U.S. dollar coin in more than 35 years, the 1971 dollar was an exciting event in U.S. coinage history honouring not just an extraordinary American president but also an extraordinary American achievement. These coins have become colloquially known as “Ikes”, and whilst many millions were minted for general circulation at the Philadelphia & Denver Mint just a small fraction were made in real silver and the rarest of them all are the Silver Proofs (less than 4 %) of the total mintage - making this coin exceptionally highly sought-after!

The 2019 Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Proof 999 Silver Dollar

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the first manned landing on the Moon the US Mint authorised a commemorative coin program.As required by US Public Law, the Mint invited American artists to design a common obverse image that is emblematic of the United States Space Program leading up to the first manned Moon landing. Gary Cooper of Belfast, Maine, created the winning design.The Apollo 11 50th Anniversary US Mint Commemorative Coin is among the most highly anticipated US Mint issues of the last decade. The coin is particularly noteworthy for its curved design, which resembles the view of the moon’s surface from an astronaut’s helmet.

Exclusive to the Bradford Exchange, this is the definitive Moon Landing 50th Anniversary set, featuring all the official US Mint coin issues together in one prestige PROOF edition set.  Order yours today!

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