The VE Day 1945 Coin & 1939-1945 Star Medal Set

Celebrating VE Day — one of the most important dates in world history, this is a magnificent set of nine British coins issued during the year of VE Day, and an original 1939-1945 Star Medal

  • These are authentic artefacts of the Second World War, carefully curated historic coins that form a tangible and lasting connection with those who celebrated VE Day.

  • The complete set of nine British circulating coins dated 1945 and the 1939-1945 Star campaign Medal worn by soldiers on VE Day!

  • All the coins are now long-lost in time, none of have been produced for over 75 years!

  • A unique reminder for us, and younger generations, about the coinage and history of the war era.

  • Superb heritage items from the reign of King George VI, father of our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II .

  • Included with your set is an informative Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Limited edition set released in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe.

  • There are an ever-increasing number of buyers of old coins and medals yet a finite supply. The availability of complete year sets and particularly those of notable dates is dramatically diminishing. There may be a day in the not-too-distant future when they are so seldom seen as to be beyond the reach of most people. Order your set today!

  • The set comes presented in a bespoke presentation case with each coin individually encapsulated to protect and preserve it for future generations to admire and enjoy.

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A rare chance to own an original wartime medal, the 1939-1945 Star— as worn by veterans on VE Day and the complete set of coins from the milestone year of the Allied victory

In 2020, we mark 75 years since the end of the Second World War, one of the deadliest conflicts in history and one which touched the lives of every Briton. On May 8, 1945, the church bells rang out across Britain. They had been silent during the war, to be used only as a signal for an imminent invasion, but now they carried a new, joyful message – Peace! After six long years of war, the euphoria that greeted the news of Germany’s surrender in May 1945 was felt across the entire nation. Now is the time to pay tribute to all those who secured our freedom, a time to relive that incredible moment when the joy spilled out onto the streets of Britain on VE Day.

The VE Day 75th Anniversary Coin & Medal Set

Now, 75 years on, The Bradford Exchange has brought together all nine coins that were struck that momentous year, 1945, together with an original wartime service medal, the 1939-1945 Star, as a unique tribute to the bravery and courage of the Second World War generation who fought for our liberation.

Hold a piece of history in your hands

The Bradford Exchange has sought fine specimens of all nine coins that were in circulation on May 8, 1945. These are all genuine coins, each of them 75 years old. They are not replicas or modern commemorative strikings: the coins and 1939-1945 Star are all carefully curated originals. These are the coins used by those working in Britain on the farms and in the factories; the soldiers, sailors and airmen on leave; and used by those busy in the build-up to, and involved in bringing about the liberation of Europe and the end of the Second World War.
The 1939-1945 Star was a campaign medal awarded to all those who served in the Second World War, and it would have been worn by the veterans when they celebrated Britain’s triumph on VE Day. And, just imagine who could have held these coins! They are quite literally the coins that helped win the war.

The last of Britain’s Silver Circulating coinage and a celebration of Britain’s finest hour

These coins belong to a bygone era when money still had ‘the look’ and ‘the feel’ of money. The silver coins contained real silver and our money had nicknames such as a ‘bob’, ‘tanner’ and ‘thru’penny bit’. Many circulating silver coins of the VE Day era were melted, making the five silver coins in this set the last of their type ever to be struck in silver and extremely rare.

As you can imagine, these coins are now becoming increasingly difficult to find

Due to the scarcity of these original coins, all minted over 75 years ago, these coins are now becoming increasingly difficult to find!
This historic presentation of the complete set of coins of 1945 features superb heritage designs depicting some of our most powerful national symbols: majestic Britannia graces the penny; the half-crown carries the distinctive crowned shield of the Royal Arms within a garter; the florin, effectively the first decimal currency at a tenth of a pound, features the crowned Tudor Rose; Britain’s smallest denomination and best-loved pre-decimal coin fittingly featured Britain’s smallest bird - the Wren. Also presented is the little lucky silver sixpence, affectionately known as a ‘tanner’, and Britain’s’ favourite coin – the 12-sided thru’penny bit.

The coins come individually encapsulated and displayed together in a deluxe presentation case. An informative booklet and Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each VE Day 75th Anniversary Coin & Medal Set, with our compliments.

Order today as a reminder of the jubilation of the end of the war & as an heirloom to share with your family for years to come.

The VE Day 75th Anniversary Coin and Medal set:

Item Year of Issue  Alloy  Diameter   Weight  Reverse Design

The 1939-1945 Star Medal

1945 Bronze 44mm (height) and 38mm (width) The six-pointed star with a circular centre and GRI/VI monogram surmounted by a crown inscribed THE 1939-45 STAR
Half-Crown 1945 .500 Silver 32.3mm 14.14 g An elegant waisted tilting shield complete with a ring by which it appears suspended or hung


1945 .500 Silver 28.5mm 11.31g Crowned Tudor Rose flanked by a thistle and a shamrock with the initial GR underneath

English Shilling

1945 .500 Silver 24mm 5.65 g British Lion Statant Guardant

Scottish Shilling

1945 .500 Silver 24mm 5.65 g Crowned lion seated atop crown holding sword and sceptre 


.500 Silver

19mm 2.83 g  Crowned royal cypher 


1945 Nickel Brass 21.8 mm 6.8 g Three-headed 'thrift' 
Penny 1945 Bronze 31mm 9.4 g The Seated figure of Britannia with lighthouse
Half Penny 1945 Bronze 26mm 5.7 g  Ship -  The Golden Hinde
Farthing 1945 Bronze 20mm 2.83 g The Wren