The 1945 Victory Penny & Newspaper Set

Celebrating VE Day — one of the most important dates in world history, this is a rare opportunity to own a Penny issued during the year of VE Day alongside a replica of the Daily Sketch newspaper from May 8, 1945.

  • This is an authentic Penny of the Second World War, that forms a tangible and lasting connection with those who celebrated VE Day.

  • The replica Daily Sketch newspaper, which would have cost just 1 Penny, declares the end of War.

  • The Penny is now long-lost in time, none of have been produced for over 75 years!

  • A unique reminder for us, and younger generations, about the coinage and history of the war era.

  • A superb heritage coin from the reign of King George VI, father of our current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Included with your set is an informative Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Limited edition set released in celebration of the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe.

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A rare chance to own an original Penny from one of the most important days in world history - VE Day

On May 8, 1945, the church bells rang out across Britain. After six long years of war, the euphoria that greeted the news of Germany’s surrender on May 8, 1945, was felt across the entire nation.

Hold an original piece of history in your hands

Now, 75 years on, The Bradford Exchange has brought together an original Penny struck that momentous year together with a replica of the Daily Sketch newspaper from May 8, 1945  – a paper which would have cost the grand total of one penny!

Struck 75 years ago, this coin would have been used by the soldiers, sailors and airmen, all those working in Britain on the farms and in the factories; and everyone in the country who was involved in bringing about the liberation of Europe and the end of the Second World War. It is a tangible and lasting connection with those who celebrated VE Day. The British Penny of 1945 features the iconic image of a seated Britannia, holding her trident with her shield by her side. King George VI graces the obverse.  Just imagine who could have held this coin, it is quite literally the coin that helped win the war! 

READ ALL ABOUT IT! What would have One Penny have bought in 1945? Your Daily Newspaper!

Your original 1945 penny comes with a complete replica of the Daily Sketch newspaper from the 8th of May 1945. Read the news as it unfolded, King George VI declares a 2-day Public Holiday to celebrate Victory in Europe, plus see the photographs taken on the day from famous London landmarks. Also featured is the news from around the world, adverts, cartoons, a crossword and, of course, the day’s listing of radio programmes.

Due to the scarcity of the original Penny, minted 75 years ago, these coins are now becoming increasingly difficult to find! 

There are an ever-increasing number of buyers of old coins yet a finite supply. The availability of heritage coins and particularly those of notable dates are dramatically diminishing. There may be a day in the not-too-distant future when they are so seldom seen as to be beyond the reach of most people. Order yours today as a reminder of the jubilation of the end of the war & as an heirloom to share with your family for years to come./p>

Relive the moment when joy spilt out onto the streets of Britain on VE Day and order your Victory Penny & Paper today.

The Victory Penny

Denomination One Penny
Year of Issue 1945
Alloy Bronze
Weight 9.40g
Diameter 30.5mm
Edge Milled
Obverse Britannia seated holding a trident, her shield to her side
Reverse First effigy of King George VI facing left, by Royal Mint engraver Thomas Humphrey Pager
Issuing Authority The Royal Mint,
London, United Kingdom