The Dambusters 80th Anniversary Proof £10 Coin in 'supersize' 65mm

The Dambusters 80th Anniversary Coin —  a spectacular ten-pound coin, measuring an impressive 65mm in diameter, struck to commemoate the most memorable mission in Royal Air Force history

  • Just 499 coins have been issued - each & every one minted on May 16th, the anniversary day of the Dambusters Raid

  • Layered In pure silver

  • Depicts the Lancaster Bomber in flight on route to the dams of the Ruhr Valley

  • Minted in a ‘supersize’ — almost 3 times the diameter of a £1 coin!

  • Struck to the highest possible PROOF quality

  • Each coin is uniquely numbered within the edition limit of 499

  • Free presentation box & certificate of authenticity

  • Only available through Heritage Coins, this impressive 65mm coin is a masterpiece of the minters' artform 

Struck to a 'supersize' 65mm Diameter


Available in 3 instalments of £66.00

Comes with our 365-day no-quibble money-back guarantee | This offer is limited to one per UK household

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Relive one of the second world war's most legendary operations with the Dambusters 80th Anniversary £10 Coin

80 years ago, on the moonlit night of May 16-17, 1943 an airborne mission was launched from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, the venture was so ambitious and so risky that even to this day it is hard to believe it is not a work of fiction. Codenamed Operation Chastise, the mission was to destroy three dams deep within the German heartland. Flying at night just 60 feet above the ground in specially modified Lancaster Bombers, 19 brave aircrews successfully deployed an innovative bouncing bomb that had never been used in combat before to breach dams considered impregnable.

Impressively large diameter of 65mm

Fully approved by Buckingham Palace, this is a special oversize striking to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the legendary Dambusters Raid. Superlative in every detail, and struck in supersized 65mm diameter, it is almost three times the size of a one-pound coin and weighs 3.5 ounces, more than three times that of a regular crown coin! A truly impressive piece,  the size allows for exceptional clarity and relief – that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Struck to the highest quality Proof standard on the May 16th - the anniversary day of the raid

Striking coins at this size to Proof standard is technically demanding as the larger a coin becomes, the more tonnage of pressure is required to impress the design into the coin to achieve a Proof finish. The result is a deeper and clearer relief that showcases the artistry of the design, making the Dambusters 80th Anniversary Ten Pound Coin a masterpiece of minting.  Each coin was struck on the anniversary day of the Dambusters Raid - May 16th - making them a one off edition that can never be repeated.

Layered in pure Silver, each edition is uniquely numbered

Most significantly of all, each edition is uniquely numbered within the edition limit – which means no two pieces are the same. Your piece is completely unique to you making it the ultimate collectors’ edition. A strict application procedure is in place with priority established on a ‘first come first served basis’. The earliest orders will receive the lowest edition numbers.

As exclusive as it is technically brilliant, the mintage of this legal-tender issue is a mere 499 worldwide

Approved for issue by Buckingham Palace, just 499 coins are being released worldwide and Heritage Coins have secured the full mintage for our customers.

Free presentation box & certificate of authenticity

The coin is presented in a bespoke presentation case individually encapsulated to protect and preserve it for future generations to admire and enjoy. Included with your coin is an informative Certificate of Authenticity.

The Dambusters 80th Anniversary Proof Ten Pound Coin 'Struck-On-The-Day' Edition:


Layered in Pure Silver


Ten Pounds
Issuing Authority

Pitcairn Island, approved by Buckingham Palace


Proof - the highest possible quality


110 grams


65mm - almost three times the size of a £1 coin


Part Milled


Portrait of His Majesty King Charles III


Lanacaster Bomber in flight set above map of the Rurh Valley

Edition Limit

499 — each edition is uniquely numbered on the edge within the edition limit & struck on May 16th, the anniversary date of the Dambusters Raid

Presentation Delivered in a luxurious black display case with a Certificate of Authenticity